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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2011

Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces
  1. Broer, W., Palasantzas, G., Knoester, J. & Svetovoy, V.B. Roughness correction to the Casimir force beyond perturbation theory. Epl 95 (3) (2011)

  2. Oosthoek, J.L.M., Attenborough, K., Hurkx, G.A.M., Jedema, F.J., Gravesteijn, D.J. & Kooi, B.J. Evolution of cell resistance, threshold voltage and crystallization temperature during cycling of line-cell phase-change random access memory. Journal of Applied Physics 110 (2) (2011)

  3. Parui, S., Wit, B., Bignardi, L., Rudolf, P., Kooi, B., van Wees, B.J. & Banerjee, T. Hot electron transmission in metals using epitaxial NiSi(2)/n-Si(111) interfaces. Applied Physics Letters 99 (3) (2011)

  4. Shpak, O. & Palasantzas, G. Analysis of Casimir forces with window functions: Kramers-Kronig general approach for real measured dielectric data. Physical Review A 84 (4) (2011)

  5. Venkatesan, S., Doumlblinger, M., Daumont, C., Kooi, B., Noheda, B., De Hosson, J.T.M. & Scheu, C. Influence of strain on the electronic structure of the TbMnO(3)/SrTiO(3) epitaxial interface. Applied Physics Letters 99 (22) (2011)

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