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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2008

Surfaces and Thin Films
  1. Bittencourt, C., Hecq, M., Felten, A., Pireaux, J.J., Ghijsen, J., Felicissimo, M.P., Rudolf, P., Drube, W., Ke, X. & Van Tendeloo, G. Platinum-carbon nanotube interaction. Chemical Physics Letters 462 (4-6) 260-264 (2008)

  2. Carbone, F., Baum, P., Rudolf, P. & Zewail, A.H. Structural pre- ablation dynamics of graphite observed by ultrafast electron crystallography. Physical Review Letters 100 (3) art. 035501 (2008)

  3. Evangelista, F., Gotter, R., Mahne, N., Nannarone, S., Ruocco, A. & Rudolf, P. Electronic properties and orbital-filling mechanism in Rb-intercalated copper phthalocyanine. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (16) 6509-6514 (2008)

  4. Fioravanti, G., Haraszkiewicz, N., Kay, E.R., Mendoza, S.M., Bruno, C., Marcaccio, M., Wiering, P.G., Paolucci, F., Rudolf, P., Brouwer, A.M. & Leigh, D.A. Three state redox-active molecular shuttle that switches in solution and on a surface. Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (8) 2593-2601 (2008)

  5. Gentilini, C., Evangelista, F., Rudolf, P., Franchi, P., Lucarini, M. & Pasquato, L. Water soluble gold nanoparticles protected by a self-assembled monolayer of fluorinated amphiphiles. Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (46) 15678-15682 (2008)

  6. Gruneis, A., Attaccalite, C., Pichler, T., Zabolotnyy, V., Shiozawa, H., Molodtsov, S.L., Inosov, D., Koitzsch, A., Knupfer, M., Schiessling, J., Follath, R., Weber, R., Rudolf, P., Wirtz, L. & Rubio, A. Electron-electron correlation in graphite: A combined angle-resolved photoemission and first-principles study. Physical Review Letters 100 (3) art. 037601 (2008)

  7. Karousis, N., Tsotsou, G.E., Evangelista, F., Rudolf, P., Ragoussis, N. & Tagmatarchis, N. Carbon nanotubes decorated with palladium nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic activity. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (35) 13463-13469 (2008)

  8. Lummen, T.T.A., Gengler, R.Y.N., Rudolf, P., Lusitani, F., Vertelman, E.J.M., van Koningsbruggen, P.J., Knupfer, M., Molodtsova, O., Pireaux, J.J. & van Loosdrecht, P.H.M. Bulk and surface switching in Mn-Fe-based Prussian blue analogues. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (36) 14158-14167 (2008)

  9. Macovez, R., Savage, R., Venema, L., Schiessling, J., Kamarás, K. & Rudolf, P. Low band gap and ionic bonding with charge transfer, threshold in the polymeric lithium fulleride Li4C60. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (8) 2988-2996 (2008)

  10. Macovez, R., Goldoni, A., Petaccia, L., Marenne, I., Bruhwiler, P.A. & Rudolf, P. Reversible phase transformation and doubly charged anions at the surface of simple cubic RbC60. Physical Review Letters 101 (23) art. 236403 (2008)

  11. Mendoza, S.M., Berna, J., Perez, E.M., Kay, E.R., Mateo-Alonso, A., De Nadai, C., Zhang, S., Baggerman, J., Wiering, P.G., Leigh, D.A., Prato, M., Brouwer, A.M. & Rudolf, P. Core level photoemission of rotaxanes: A summary on binding energies. Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 165 (1-3) 42-45 (2008)

  12. Serefoglou, E., Litina, K., Gournis, D., Kalogeris, E., Tzialla, A.A., Pavlidis, I.V., Stamatis, H., Maccallini, E., Lubomska, M. & Rudolf, P. Smectite clays as solid supports for immobilization of ß-glucosidase: Synthesis, characterization, and biochemical properties. Chemistry of Materials 20 (12) 4106-4115 (2008)

  13. Silly, F., Shaw, A.Q., Castell, M.R. & Briggs, G.A.D. A chiral pinwheel supramolecular network driven by the assembly of PTCDI and melamine. Chemical Communications (16) 1907-1909 (2008)

  14. Silly, F., Weber, U.K., Shaw, A.Q., Burlakov, V.M., Castell, M.R., Briggs, G.A.D. & Pettifor, D.G. Deriving molecular bonding from a macromolecular self-assembly using kinetic Monte Carlo simulations. Physical Review B 77 (20) art. 201408 (2008)

  15. Silly, F., Shaw, A.Q., Briggs, G.A.D. & Castell, M.R. Epitaxial ordering of a perylenetetracarboxylic diimide-melamine supramolecular network driven by the Au(111)-(22x root 3) reconstruction. Applied Physics Letters 92 (2) art. 023102 (2008)

  16. Silly, F., Shaw, A.Q., Porfyrakis, K., Warner, J.H., Watt, A.A.R., Castell, M.R., Umemoto, H., Akachi, T., Shinohara, H. & Briggs, G.A.D. Grating of single Lu@C-82 molecules using supramolecular network. Chemical Communications (38) 4616-4618 (2008)

  17. Silly, F., Shaw, A.Q., Castell, M.R., Briggs, G.A.D., Mura, M., Martsinovich, N. & Kantorovich, L. Melamine structures on the Au(111) surface. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (30) 11476-11480 (2008)

  18. Sun, X.N., Felicissimo, M.P., Rudolf, P. & Silly, F. NaCl multi-layer islands grown on Au(111)-(22 x root 3) probed by scanning tunneling microscopy. Nanotechnology 19 (49) art. 495307 (2008)

  19. Tombros, N., Buit, L., Arfaoui, I., Tsoufis, T., Gournis, D., Trikalitis, P.N., van der Molen, S.J., Rudolf, P. & van Wees, B.J. Charge transport in a single superconducting tin nanowire encapsulated in a multiwalled carbon nanotube. Nano Letters 8 (9) 3060-3064 (2008)

  20. Triantafyllidis, K.S., Karakoulia, S.A., Gournis, D., Delimitis, A., Nalbandian, L., Maccallini, E. & Rudolf, P. Formation of carbon nanotubes on iron/cobalt oxides supported on zeolite-Y: Effect of zeolite textural properties and particle morphology. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 110 (1) 128-140 (2008)

  21. Wesenhagen, P., Areephong, J., Fernandez Landaluce, T., Heureux, N., Katsonis, N., Hjelm, J., Rudolf, P., Browne, W.R. & Feringa, B.L. Photochromism and electrochemistry of a dithienylcyclopentene electroactive polymer. Langmuir 24 (12) 6334-6342 (2008)

  22. Zhang, Y.C., Broekhuis, A.A., Stuart, M.C.A., Landaluce, T.F., Fausti, D., Rudolf, P. & Picchioni, F. Cross-linking of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with polymeric amines. Macromolecules 41 (16) 6141-6146 (2008)

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