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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 2008

  1. Khaderi,S.N., Baltussen,M.G.H.M., Anderson,P.D., Ioan,D., den Toonder,J.M.J. & Onck,P.R. Fluid propulsion in microchannels using magnetically actuated artificial cilia - a parametric study. Proceedings of the 1st European Conference on Microfluidics. paper no. 162. 2008. Bologna, Italy.

  2. Mangipudi,K.R. & Onck,P.R. Multi-scale modelling of fracture in open-cell metal foams. Proceedings of the 11th European Mechanics of Materials Conference. 2008. Torino, Italy.

  3. Voss,T., Scherpen,J.M.A. & Onck,P.R. Modeling for control of an inflatable space reflector, the nonlinear 1-D case. 47th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. 1777-1782. 2008.

  4. Yefimov, S., Marrink, S.J., Onck, P.R. & Van der Giessen, E. Towards the gating of MscL: A coarse-grained molecular dynamics approach. Biophysical Journal 113A (2008)

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