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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2006

Nuclear Solid-State Physics
  1. Chezan, A.R., Craus, C.B., Chechenin, N.G., Vystavel, T., Niesen, L., De Hosson, J.T.M. & Boerma, D.O. Influence of stresses and magnetostriction on the soft magnetic behavior of metallic films. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 299 (1) 219-224 (2006)

  2. Lorenz, K., Alves, E., Monteiro, T., Soares, M.J., Peres, M. & Smulders, P.J.M. Optical doping of AlN by rare earth implantation. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 242 (1-2) 307-310 (2006)

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