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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2005

Physical Chemistry of Polymers
  1. de Jong, J., Subbotin, A. & Ten Brinke, G. Spontaneous curvature of comb copolymers strongly adsorbed at a flat interface: A computer simulation study. Macromolecules 38 (15) 6718-6725 (2005)

  2. Polushkin, E., Bondzic, S., de Wit, J., van Ekenstein, G.A., Dolbnya, I., Bras, W., Ikkala, I. & Ten Brinke, G. In-situ SAXS study on the alignment of ordered systems of comb-shaped supramolecules: A shear-induced cylinder-to-cylinder transition. Macromolecules 38 (5) 1804-1813 (2005)

  3. Ruotsalainen, T., Turku, J., Heikkila, P., Ruokolainen, J., Nykanen, A., Laitinen, T., Torkkeli, M., Serimaa, R., Ten Brinke, G., Harlin, A. & Ikkala, O. Towards internal structuring of electrospun fibers by hierarchical self-assembly of polymeric comb-shaped supramolecules. Advanced Materials 17 (8) 1048-+ (2005)

  4. Smirnova, Y.G., Ten Brinke, G. & Erukhimovich, I.Y. Unconventional morphologies in ordered melts of symmetric multiblock copolymers A(mN/2)(B(N/2)A(N/2))B-mN/2. Polymer Science Series A 47 (5) 430-435 (2005)

  5. Ten Brinke, G. & Ikkala, O. Functional materials based on self-assembled comb-shaped supramolecules. New Polymeric Materials 916 34-46 (2005)

  6. van Zoelen, W., van Ekenstein, G.A., Poluslikin, E., Ikkala, O. & Ten Brinke, G. Nanorod engineering by reinforcing hexagonally self-assembled PS-b-P4VP(DDP) with PPE. Soft Matter 1 (4) 280-283 (2005)

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