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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2004

Optical Condensed Matter Physics
  1. Broos, J., Maddalena, F. & Hesp, B. In vivo synthesized proteins with monoexponential fluorescence decay kinetics. Biophysical Journal 86 (1) 168A-169A (2004)

  2. Broos, J., Maddalena, F. & Hesp, B.H. In vivo synthesized proteins with monoexponential fluorescence decay kinetics. Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (1) 22-23 (2004)

  3. Cringus, D., Yeremenko, S., Pshenichnikov, M.S. & Wiersma, D.A. Hydrogen bonding and vibrational energy relaxation in water-acetonitrile mixtures. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (29) 10376-10387 (2004)

  4. Didraga, C., Pugzlys, A., Hania, P.R., von Berlepsch, H., Duppen, K. & Knoester, J. Structure, spectroscopy, and microscopic model of tubular carbocyanine dye aggregates. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (39) 14976-14985 (2004)

  5. Hania, P.R., Pugzlys, A., Lucas, L.N., de Jong, J.J.D., van Esch, J., Feringa, B.L. & Duppen, K. Reaction dynamics and applications in patterning of bisthienylcyclopentene-based photochromic switches. Solid State Phenomena 97-98 207-214 (2004)

  6. Hania, P.R., Heijs, D.J., Bowden, T.N., Pugzlys, A., van Esch, J., Knoester, J. & Duppen, K. Ultrafast energy transport in a first-generation coumarin-tetraphenylporphyrin dendrimer. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (1) 71-81 (2004)

  7. Levitin, R.Z., Popova, E.A., Chtsherbov, R.M., Vasil'ev, A.N., Popova, M.N., Chukalina, E.P., Klimin, S.A., Loosdrecht, P.H.M.v., Fausti, D. & Bezmaternykh, L.N. Cascade of phase transitions in GdFe3(BO3)(4). Jetp Letters 79 (9) 423-426 (2004)

  8. Pshenichnikov, M.S., Baltuska, A. & Wiersma, D.A. Hydrated-electron population dynamics. Chemical Physics Letters 389 (1-3) 171-175 (2004)

  9. Pugzlys, A., Hania, P.R., Didraga, C., Knoester, J. & Duppen, K. Cylindrical aggregates of TDBC: linear and nonlinear optical properties versus morphology. Solid State Phenomena 97-98 201-206 (2004)

  10. Tsvetkov, A.A., Mena, F.P., Loosdrecht, P.H.M.v., Marel, D.v.d., Ren, Y., Nugroho, A.A., Menovsky, A.A., Elfimov, I.S. & Sawatzky, G.A. Structural, electronic, and magneto-optical properties of YVO3. Physical Review B 69 (7) (2004)

  11. Zvyagin, S.A., Krzystek, J., Loosdrecht, P.H.M.v., Dhalenne, G. & Revcolevschi, A. High-field ESR study of the dimerized-incommensurate phase transition in the spin-Peierls compound CuGeO3. Physica B-Condensed Matter 346 1-5 (2004)

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