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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2004

Nuclear Solid-State Physics
  1. Borsa, D.M. & Boerma, D.O. Growth, structural and optical properties of Cu3N films. Surface Science 548 (1-3) 95-105 (2004)

  2. Chezan, A.R., Craus, C.B., Chechenin, N.G., Vystavel, T., Niesen, L., De Hosson, J.T.M. & Boerma, D.O. On the formation of ultra-fine grained Fe-base alloys via phase transformations. Materials Science and Engineering A-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 367 (1-2) 176-184 (2004)

  3. Craus, C.B., Chezan, A.R., Boerma, D. & Niesen, L. Magnetization dynamics of soft nanocrystalline thin films with random magnetocrystalline anisotropy and induced uniaxial anisotropy. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 16 (50) 9227-9241 (2004)

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