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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2004

Molecular Dynamics
  1. de Vries, A.H., Mark, A.E. & Marrink, S.J. Molecular dynamics simulation of the spontaneous formation of a small DPPC vesicle in water in atomistic detail. Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (14) 4488-4489 (2004)

  2. de Vries, A.H., Mark, A.E. & Marrink, S.J. The binary mixing behavior of phospholipids in a bilayer: A molecular dynamics study. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (7) 2454-2463 (2004)

  3. Faller, R. & Marrink, S.J. Simulation of domain formation in DLPC-DSPC mixed bilayers. Langmuir 20 7686-7693 (2004)

  4. Fan, H. & Mark, A.E. Mimicking the action of folding chaperones in molecular dynamics simulations: Application to the refinement of homology-based protein structures. Protein Science 13 (4) 992-999 (2004)

  5. Fan, H. & Mark, A.E. Refinement of homology-based protein structures by molecular dynamics simulation techniques. Protein Science 13 (1) 211-220 (2004)

  6. Groenhof, G., Bouxin-Cademartory, M., Hess, B., De Visser, S.P., Berendsen, H.J.C., Olivucci, M., Mark, A.E. & Robb, M.A. Photoactivation of the photoactive yellow protein: Why photon absorption triggers a trans-to-cis lsomerization of the chromophore in the protein. Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (13) 4228-4233 (2004)

  7. Leontiadou, H., Mark, A.E. & Marrink, S.J. Molecular dynamics simulations of hydrophilic pores in lipid bilayers. Biophysical Journal 86 (4) 2156-2164 (2004)

  8. Marrink, S.J., de Vries, A.H. & Mark, A.E. Coarse grained model for semiquantitative lipid simulations. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (2) 750-760 (2004)

  9. Marrink, S.J. & Mark, A.E. Molecular view of hexagonal phase formation in phospholipid membranes. Biophysical Journal 87 3894-3900 (2004)

  10. Oostenbrink, C., Villa, A., Mark, A.E. & Gunsteren, W.F.v. A biomolecular force field based on the free enthalpy of hydration and solvation: the GROMOS force-field parameter sets 53A5 and 53A6. Journal of Computational Chemistry 25 1656-1676 (2004)

  11. Saint-Martin, H., Hess, B. & Berendsen, H.J.C. An application of flexible constraints in Monte Carlo simulations of the isobaric-isothermal ensemble of liquid water and ice Ih with the polarizable and flexible mobile charges densities in harmonic oscillators model. Journal of Chemical Physics 12 11133-11143 (2004)

  12. Zangi, R. & Rice, S.A. Cooperative dynamics in two dimensions. Physical Review Letters 92 art. 035502 (2004)

  13. Zangi, R. & Mark, A.E. Electrofreezing of confined water. Journal of Chemical Physics 120 (15) 7123-7130 (2004)

  14. Zangi, R. & Mark, A.E. Water confined to a slab geometry: A review of recent computer simulations studies. Journal of Physics A-Mathematical and General 16 5371-5388 (2004)

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