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OnderzoekZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2004

(Bio-)organic Materials and Devices
  1. Markov,D.E., Amsterdam,E., Blom,P.W.M., Sieval,A.B. & Hummelen,J.C. Exciton diffusion and dissociation in conjugated polymer/fullerene heterostructures. Proceedings SPIE-International Society Optical Engineering. 5464, 449. 2004.

  2. van der Veen,M.H., Jonkman,H.T. & Hummelen,J.C. Omniconjugation. American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings (Proceedings 18th International Winter School on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials). 723, 321-325. 2004.

  3. van Duren,J.K.J., Yang,X., Loos,J., Bulle-Lieuwma,C.W.T., Sieval,A.B., Hummelen,J.C. & Jansen,R.A.J. Relating the morphology of a poly(p-phenylene vinylene)methanofullerene blend to bulk heterojunction solar cell performance. Proceedings SPIE-International Society Optical Engineering. 5215, 99. 2004.

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