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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 2004

Physics of Organic Semiconductors
  1. Markov,D.E., Amsterdam,E., Blom,P.W.M., Sieval,A.B. & Hummelen,J.C. Exciton diffusion and dissociation in conjugated polymer/fullerene heterostructures. Proceedings SPIE-International Society Optical Engineering. 5464, 449. 2004.

  2. Mihailetchi,V.D., de Boer,B., Melzer,C., Koster,L.J.A. & Blom,P.W.M. Electron and hole transport in poly(para-phenylen vinylene):methanofulleren bulk heterojunction solar cells. Kafafi, Z. H. and Lane, P. A. Proceedings of SPIE. Volume 5520: Organic Photovoltaics V. 20. 2004. Denver, CO, USA.

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