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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 2003

Theory of Condensed Matter
  1. Hoenders,B.J., Doosje,M. & Knoester,J. Scattering of light on the surface of photonic crystals. Proceedings of SPIE. 5036, 402-406. 2003.

  2. Knoester,J. & Agranovich,V.M. Frenkel and charge transfer excitons in organic solids. Electronic excitations in organic multilayers and organic based heterostructures. 1-96. 2003. Amsterdam, Elsevier.

  3. Markov,R.V., Plekhanov,A.I., Ivanova,Z.M., Shelkovnikov,V.V. & Knoester,J. Nonlinear-optical properties of self-assembled molecular J-aggregates of pseudoisocyanine in nanometer films. Charra, F. Organic nanophotonics. 279-290. 2003. Amsterdam, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

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