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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 2003

Molecular Microbiology
  1. Driessen,A.J.M., Nouwen,N. & van der Does,C. Bacterial protein secretion and targeting. Fahnestock, S. and Steinbuchel, A. Polyamides and complex proteinaceous materials. 2003. New York, NY, USA, Wiley-VCH.

  2. Konings,W.N., Albers,S.V., Konings,S.M. & Driessen,A.J.M. Survival strategies and membrane properties of bacteria and archaea in extreme environments. The encyclopedia of life support systems. 2003. Oxford, UK, EOLSS Publishers.

  3. van der Does,C., Nouwen,N. & Driessen,A.J.M. The Sec translocase. Oudega, B. Protein secretion pathways in bacteria. 2003. Amsterdam, Kluwer Press.

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