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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2002

Optical Condensed Matter Physics
  1. Boeijenga, N.H., Pugzlys, A., la Cour Jansen, T., Snijders, J.G. & Duppen, K. Liquid xenon as an ideal probe for many-body effects in impulsive Raman scattering. Journal of Chemical Physics 117 (3) 1181-1187 (2002)

  2. Hania, P.R., Telesca, R., Lucas, L.N., Pugzlys, A., Esch, J.H.v., Feringa, B.L., Snijders, J.G. & Duppen, K. An optical and theoretical investigation of the ultrafast dynamics of a bisthienylethene-based photochromic switch. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 106 (37) 8498-8507 (2002)

  3. Konstantinovic, M.J., Popovic, Z.V., Moshchalkov, V.V., Presura, C.N., Gajic, R., Isobe, M. & Ueda, Y. Optical properties of alpha '-NaxV2O5. Physical Review B 65 (24) art-245103 (2002)

  4. Kuz'menko, A.B., Mena, F.P., Molegraaf, H.J.A., Marel, D.v.d., Gorshunov, B.P., Dressel, M., Mazin, I.I., Kortus, J., Dolgov, O.V., Muranaka, T. & Akimitsu, J. Manifestation of multiband optical properties of MgB2. Solid State Communications 121 (9-10) 479-484 (2002)

  5. la Cour Jansen, T., Swart, M., Jensen, L., van Duijnen, P.T., Snijders, J.G. & Duppen, K. Collision effects in the nonlinear Raman response of liquid carbon disulfide. Journal of Chemical Physics 116 (8) 3277-3285 (2002)

  6. la Cour Jansen, T., Pugzlys, A., Cringus, G.D., Snijders, J.G. & Duppen, K. Many-body effects in the stimulated Raman response of binary mixtures: A comparison between theory and experiment. Journal of Chemical Physics 116 (21) 9383-9391 (2002)

  7. Lampoura, S.S., Spitz, C., Dahne, S., Knoester, J. & Duppen, K. The optical dynamics of excitons in cylindrical J-aggregates. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 106 (12) 3103-3111 (2002)

  8. Loosdrecht, P.H.M.v., Presura, C.N., Popinciuc, M., Marel, D.v.d., Maris, G., Palstra, T.T.M., van Bentum, P.J.M., Yamada, H., Yamauchi, T. & Ueda, Y. Charge and sodium ordering in beta-Na0.33V2O3. Journal of Superconductivity 15 (6) 587-590 (2002)

  9. Loosdrecht, P.H.M.v., Beschoten, B., Dotsenko, I. & van Smaalen, S. Optically induced coherent voltage oscillations in K0.3MoO3. Journal de Physique IV 12 (PR9) 303-306 (2002)

  10. Marel, D.v.d., Leggett, A.J., Loram, J.W. & Kirtley, J.R. Condensation energy and high-T-c superconductivity. Physical Review B 66 (14) art-140501 (2002)

  11. Mazin, I.I., Andersen, O.K., Jepsen, O., Dolgov, O.V., Kortus, J., Golubov, A.A., Kuz'menko, A.B. & Marel, D.v.d. Superconductivity in MgB2: Clean or dirty? Physical Review Letters 89 (10) art-107002 (2002)

  12. Molegraaf, H.J.A., Presura, C.N., Marel, D.v.d., Kes, P.H. & Li, M. Superconductivity-induced transfer of in-plane spectral weight in Bi2Sr2Ca2O8+delta. Science 295 (5563) 2239-2241 (2002)

  13. Yeremenko, S., Baltuska, A., de Haan, F., Pshenichnikov, M.S. & Wiersma, D.A. Frequency-resolved pump-probe characterization of femtosecond infrared pulses. Optics Letters 27 (13) 1171-1173 (2002)

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