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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2002

Physical Organic Chemistry
  1. Buurma, N.J., Blandamer, M.J. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. Association of hydrotropes in aqueous solution studied by reaction kinetics. Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 344 (3-4) 413-420 (2002)

  2. Buwalda, R.T., Stuart, M.C.A. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. Interactions of an azobenzene-functionalized anionic amphiphile with cationic amphiphiles in aqueous solution. Langmuir 18 (17) 6507-6512 (2002)

  3. Rispens, M.T. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. Micellar catalysis of Diels-Alder reactions: Substrate positioning in the micelle. Journal of Organic Chemistry 67 (21) 7369-7377 (2002)

  4. Roosjen, A., Smisterova, J., Driessen, C., Anders, J.T., Wagenaar, A., Hoekstra, D., Hulst, R. & Engberts, J.B.F.N. Synthesis and characteristics of biodegradable pyridinium amphiphiles used for in vitro DNA delivery. European Journal of Organic Chemistry (7) 1271-1277 (2002)

  5. Shi, F.X., Wasungu, L., Nomden, A., Stuart, M.C.A., Polushkin, E., Engberts, J.B.F.N. & Hoekstra, D. Interference of poly(ethylene glycol)-lipid analogues with cationic-lipid-mediated delivery of oligonucleotides; role of lipid exchangeability and non-lamellar transitions. Biochemical Journal 366 333-341 (2002)

  6. Shin, D.N., Wijnen, J.W., Engberts, J.B.F.N. & Wakisaka, A. On the origin of microheterogeneity: Mass spectrometric studies of acetonitrile-water and dimethyl sulfoxide-water binary mixtures (part 2). Journal of Physical Chemistry B 106 (23) 6014-6020 (2002)

  7. Zuhorn, I.S., Visser, W.H., Bakowsky, U., Engberts, J.B.F.N. & Hoekstra, D. Interference of serum with lipoplex-cell interaction: modulation of intracellular processing. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes 1560 (1-2) 25-36 (2002)

  8. Zuhorn, I.S., Oberle, V., Visser, W.H., Engberts, J.B.F.N., Bakowsky, U., Polushkin, E. & Hoekstra, D. Phase behavior of cationic amphiphiles and their mixtures with helper lipid influences lipoplex shape, DNA translocation, and transfection efficiency. Biophysical Journal 83 (4) 2096-2108 (2002)

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