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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 2001

Theory of Condensed Matter
  1. Bogdanov,A., Ryzhov,I.V., Zaitsev,A.I., Malyshev,V.A. & Knoester,J. Bistable optical response of an ultrathin glassy film consisting of oriented molecular aggregates. Samartsev, V. V. Proceedings of the International conference on photon echoes and coherent spectroscopy. 325-332. 2001. SPIE 4605.

  2. Mostovoy,M.V., Khomskii,D.I., Knoester,J. & Prokof'ev,N.V. Frustrated quantum Ising model and charged kinks. Boncha, J. Proceedings of the XII NATO Advanced Research Workshop "Open problems in strongly correlated systems". 311-316. 2001. Amsterdam, Kluwer.

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