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OnderzoekZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2000

Theory of Condensed Matter
  1. Bakalis, L.D. & Knoester, J. Linear absorption as a tool to measure the exciton delocalization length in molecular assemblies. Journal of Luminescence 87-9 66-70 (2000)

  2. Doosje, M., Hoenders, B.J. & Knoester, J. Photonic bandgap optimization in inverted fcc photonic crystals. Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics 17 (4) 600-606 (2000)

  3. Juzeliunas, G. & Knoester, J. Pump-probe spectrum of molecular assemblies of arbitrary structure and dimension. Journal of Chemical Physics 112 (5) 2325-2338 (2000)

  4. Kagan, M.Y., Mostovoy, M.V. & Khomskii, D.I. Magnetic polarons in materials with colossal magnetoresistance. Physica B 284 1209-1210 (2000)

  5. Markov, R.V., Plekhanov, A.I., Shelkovnikov, V.V. & Knoester, J. Giant nonlinear optical response of interacting one-dimensional Frenkel excitons in molecular aggregates. Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Research 221 (1) 529-533 (2000)

  6. Markov, R.V., Chubakov, P.A., Plekhanov, A.I., Ivanova, Z.M., Orlova, N.A., Gerasimova, T.N., Shelkovnikov, V.V. & Knoester, J. Optical and nonlinear optical properties of low-dimensional aggregates of amphiphylic cyanine dyes. Nonlinear Optics 25 365-371 (2000)

  7. Mostovoy, M.V. & Knoester, J. Statistics of optical spectra from single-ring aggregates and its application to LH2. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 104 (51) 12355-12364 (2000)

  8. Smirnov, A.I., Popova, M.N., Sushkov, A.B., Golubchik, S.A., Khomskii, D.I., Mostovoy, M.V., Vasil'ev, A.N., Isobe, M. & Ueda, Y. Dielectric anomaly in NaV2O5: evidence for charge ordering. Physica B 284 1653-1654 (2000)

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