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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 2000

Molecular Inorganic Chemistry
  1. Bambirra, S., Brandsma, M.J.R., Brussee, E.A.C., Meetsma, A., Hessen, B. & Teuben, J.H. Yttrium alkyl and benzyl complexes with amino-amidinate monoanionic ancillary ligands. Organometallics 19 (16) 3197-3204 (2000)

  2. Brussee, E.A.C., Meetsma, A., Hessen, B. & Teuben, J.H. The N,N '-bis(trimethylsilyl)pentafluorobenzamidinate ligand: enhanced ethene oligomerisation with a neutral V(III) bis(benzamidinate) alkyl catalyst. Chemical Communications (6) 497-498 (2000)

  3. Deckers, P.J.W., van der Linden, A.J., Meetsma, A. & Hessen, B. Cationic ansa-(eta(5)-cyclopentadienyl)(eta(6)-arene) complexes of titanium. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (5) 929-932 (2000)

  4. Ramirez, A.P., Hessen, B. & Winklemann, M. Entropy balance and evidence for local spin singlets in a Kagome-like magnet. Physical Review Letters 84 (13) 2957-2960 (2000)

  5. Sinnema, P.J., Hessen, B. & Teuben, J.H. The effect of the amido substituent on polymer molecular weight in propene homopolymerisation by titanium cyclopentadienyl- amide catalysts. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 21 (9) 562-566 (2000)

  6. van Leusen, D., Beetstra, D.J., Hessen, B. & Teuben, J.H. Ethylene-bridged tetramethylcyclopentadienylamide titanium complexes: Ligand synthesis and olefin polymerization properties. Organometallics 19 (20) 4084-4089 (2000)

  7. Werner, H., Schneider, M.E., Bosch, M., Wolf, J., Teuben, J.H., Meetsma, A. & Troyanov, S.I. Cationic and neutral diphenyldiazomethanerhodium(I) complexes as catalytically active species in the C-C coupling reaction of olefins and diphenyldiazomethane. Chemistry-A European Journal 6 (16) 3052-3059 (2000)

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