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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 1999

Zernike Institute
  1. Borg,H.J., Blom,P.W.M., Drenten,R., Jacobs,B.A.J., Tieke,B., Wilson,S., Ubbens,I.P.D. & Zhou,G.F. AgInSbTe materials for high-speed phase change recording. Technical Digest of the Joint International Symposium on Optical memory and optical data storage. 191. 1999. (Physics of Organic Semiconductors )

  2. Champagne, B., Perpète, E.A., van Gisbergen, S.J.A., Baerends, E.J., Snijders, J.G., Soubra-Ghaoui, C., Robins, K.A. & Kirtman, B. Assessment of conventional density functional schemes for computing the polarizabilities and hyperpolarizabilities of conjugated oligomers: An ab initio investigation of polyacetylene chains (Erratum to vol 109, pg 10489, 1998). Journal of Chemical Physics 110 (23) 11664 (1999) (Theoretical Chemistry )

  3. Cleveringa,H.H.M., Van der Giessen,E. & Needleman,A. Discrete dislocations interacting with a mode I crack. Bulatov, V. V. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings. 538, 39-50. 1999. (Micromechanics )

  4. Cleveringa,H.H.M., Van der Giessen,E. & Needleman,A. Edge dislocations interacting with a mode I crack. Bilde-Sorensen, J., Carstensen, J. V., Hansen, N., Juul Jensen, D., Leffers, T., Pantleon, W., Pedersen, O. B., and Winther, G. Deformation-induced microstructures: analysis and relation to properties. 293-298. 1999. Roskilde, Riso National laboratory. (Micromechanics )

  5. De Hosson,J.T.M., de Haas,M. & Teeuw,D.H.J. High resolution scanning electron microscopy observations of nanoceramics. Valdre, U. Advances in electronmicroscopy. 109-134. 1999. Kluwer. NATO Advanced Study Institute series. (Materials Science )

  6. De Hosson,J.T.M. Laser synthesis and properties of ceramic coatings. Dahotre, N. B. and Sudarshan, T. S. Intermetallic and ceramic coatings. 307-441. 1999. New York, NY, Marcel Dekker. (Materials Science )

  7. De Hosson,J.T.M., Groen,H.B., Kooi,B.J. & Velinga,W.P. Metal-ceramic interfaces studied with high resolution transmission electron microscopy. Valdre, U. Advances in electron microscopy. 135-160. 1999. Kluwer. NATO Advanced Study Institute series. (Materials Science )

  8. De Hosson,J.T.M. & Teeuw,D.H.J. Nano-ceramic coatings produced by laser treatment. Sudarshan, T. S., Khor, K. A., and Jeandin, M. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Surface modification technologies. 314-321. 1999. Institute of Physics. (Materials Science )

  9. De Hosson,J.T.M., Kloosterman,A.J. & Kooi,B.J. Structural analyses of reaction layers between SiC and Ti-6Al-4V after laser embedding. Brebbia, C. and Kenny, J. Surface treatments 1999. 225-269. 1999. (Materials Science )

  10. De Raedt,H. & Michielsen,K. Stochastic diagonalization. Landau, D. P. and Schüttler, H. B. Computer simulation studies in condensed-matter physics XI. 84-95. 1999. Berlin, Springer-Verlag. Springer Proceedings in Physics 86. (Computational Physics )

  11. De Raedt,H., Fettes,W. & Michielsen,K. Stochastic diagonalization. Nightingale, M. P. and Umrigar, C. J. Quantum Monte Carlo methods in physics and chemistry. 37-64. 1999. Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers. NATO-ASI series. (Computational Physics )

  12. Hegeman,J.B.J.W., De Hosson,J.T.M., Shulepov,S.Y., Lousberg,N. & de With,G. Fundamentals of grinding: surface conditions of ground WC-Co systems. Brebbia, C. and Kenny, J. Surface treatments 1999. 371-381. 1999. (Materials Science )

  13. Lemmens,P., Fischer,M., Grove,M., van Loosdrecht,P.H.M., Els,G., Shermann,E., Pinettes,C. & Guntherodt,G. Quantum spin systems: from spin gaps to pseudo gaps. Helbig, R. Festkorperprobleme-Advances in Solid State Physics Volume 39. 181-190. 1999. Braunschweig, Vieweg Verlag. (Optical Condensed Matter Physics )

  14. Makinen,R., de Moel,K., De Odorico,W., Ruokolainen,J., Stamm,M., ten Brinke,G. & Ikkala,O. Orientation of self-organized supramolecular polymeric nanostructures by oscillatory shear flow. Annual Transactions of the Nordic Rheology Society. 7, 23-38. 1999. (Physical Chemistry of Polymers )

  15. Nguyen,B.N., Onck,P.R. & Van der Giessen,E. Study of higher-order crack tip fields in intergranular creep fracture. Strang, A. and McLean, M. Modelling of microstructural evolution in creep resistant materials. 341-355. 1999. Cambridge, University Press. (Micromechanics )

  16. Pichler,T., Golden,M.S., Kuran,P., Dunxch,L., Knupfer,M., Fink,J., Hunt,M.R.C., Rudolf,P., Inakuma,M. & Shinohara,H.N. The electronic structure of mono- and dimetallofullerenes by photoemission spectroscopy. Kuzmany, H., Fink, J., and Mehring, M. Electronic properties of novel materials--science and technology of molecular nanostructures, XIII international winterschool Kirchberg, Tirol, Austria. Conference Proceedings 486, 132-135. 1999. Melville, NY, American institute of Physics. (Surfaces and Thin Films )

  17. Pijnenburg,K.G.W. & Van der Giessen,E. Macroscopic shear deformation in a polymer blend. Picu, R. C. and Krempl, E. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Constitutive Laws for Engineering Materials. 433-436. 1999. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. (Micromechanics )

  18. Roos,A., Metselaar,E.D.F., De Hosson,J.T.M., Cleveringa,H.H.M. & Van der Giessen,E. Temperature effects and fast-moving screw dislocations at high strain rate deformations. Bulatov, V. V. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings. 538, 93-97. 1999. (Micromechanics / Materials Science )

  19. Schlögl,S.M. & Van der Giessen,E. Micromechanics of high temperature hydrogen attack. Wunterlich, W. Proceedings of European Conference on Computational Mechanics. 1999. Munchen. (Micromechanics )

  20. Snijders,J.G., Grant,I.P. & Heijnen,J.J. Relativistic effects in heavy-element chemistry and physics. Proceedings European Research Conference. Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy (1999). (Theoretical Chemistry )

  21. Van der Giessen,E., Estevez,R., Pijnenburg,K.G.W. & Tijssens,M.G.A. Computational modeling of failure processes in polymers. Wunterlich, W. Proceedings of European Conference on Computational Mechanics. 1999. Munchen. (Micromechanics )

  22. van Duijnen,P.T., Swart,M. & Grozema,F.C. QM/MM calculations of (hyper-)polarizabilities with the Direct Reaction Field approach. ACS Symposium Series. 712, 220-232. 1999. ACS. (Theoretical Chemistry )

  23. van Gisbergen, S.J.A., Snijders, J.G. & Baerends, E.J. Calculating frequency-dependent hyperpolarizabilities using time-dependent density functional theory (Erratum to vol 109, pg 10644, 1998). Journal of Chemical Physics 111 (14) 6652 (1999) (Theoretical Chemistry )

  24. Vreeling,J.A., Ocelik,V., Pei,Y.T. & De Hosson,J.T.M. Reinforced SiC/Al composite layer produced by laser particle injection. Brebbia, C. and Kenny, J. Surface treatments 1999. 269-281. 1999. (Materials Science )

  25. Zappala,A., Coluzza,C., Gigante,G., Hanson,A.L. & Rudolf,P. Microanalytical techniques (XPS, SAM, SIXRF) of preservation and restoration for archive and book cultural property. Proceedings 6th international conference on Non-destructive testing and microanalysis for diagnostics and conservation of the cultural and environmental heritage. 1937-1949. 1999. (Surfaces and Thin Films )

  26. Zoestbergen,E. & De Hosson,J.T.M. Residual stress in magnetron sputtered TiN. Brebbia, C. and Kenny, J. Surface treatments 1999. 3-13. 1999. (Materials Science )

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