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Refereed academic publications of 1999

Molecular Microbiology
  1. Albers, S.V., Konings, W.N. & Driessen, A.J.M. A unique short signal sequence in membrane-anchored proteins of Archaea. Molecular Microbiology 31 (5) 1595-1596 (1999)

  2. Albers, S.V., Elferink, M.G.L., Charlebois, R.L., Sensen, C.W., Driessen, A.J.M. & Konings, W.N. Glucose transport in the extremely thermoacidophilic Sulfolobus solfataricus involves a high-affinity membrane-integrated binding protein. Journal of Bacteriology 181 (14) 4285-4291 (1999)

  3. Blaauwen, T.d., van der Wolk, J.P.W., van der Does, C., van Wely, K.H.M. & Driessen, A.J.M. Thermodynamics of nucleotide binding to NBS-I of the Bacillus subtilis preprotein translocase subunit SecA. Febs Letters 458 (2) 145-150 (1999)

  4. Fekkes, P. & Driessen, A.J.M. Protein targeting to the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane. Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews 63 (1) 161-173 (1999)

  5. Fekkes, P., de Wit, J.G., Boorsma, A., Friesen, R.H.E. & Driessen, A.J.M. Zinc stabilizes the SecB binding site of SecA. Biochemistry 38 (16) 5111-5116 (1999)

  6. Herbort, M., Klein, M., Manting, E.H., Driessen, A.J.M. & Freudl, R. Temporal expression of the Bacillus subtilis secA gene, encoding a central component of the preprotein translocase. Journal of Bacteriology 181 (2) 493-500 (1999)

  7. Kaufmann, A., Manting, E.H., Veenendaal, A.K.J., Driessen, A.J.M. & van der Does, C. Cysteine-directed cross-linking demonstrates that helix 3 of SecE is close to helix 2 of SecY and helix 3 of a neighboring SecE. Biochemistry 38 (28) 9115-9125 (1999)

  8. Kleinschmidt, J.H., Blaauwen, T.d., Driessen, A.J.M. & Tamm, L.K. Outer membrane protein A of Escherichia coli inserts and folds into lipid bilayers by a concerted mechanism. Biochemistry 38 (16) 5006-5016 (1999)

  9. Knoblauch, N.T.M., Rudiger, S., Schonfeld, H.J., Driessen, A.J.M., Schneider-Mergener, J. & Bukau, B. Substrate specificity of the SecB chaperone. Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 (48) 34219-34225 (1999)

  10. Leloup, L., Driessen, A.J.M., Freudl, R., Chambert, R. & Petit-Glatron, M.F. Differential dependence of levansucrase and alpha-amylase secretion on SecA (Div) during the exponential phase of growth of Bacillus subtilis. Journal of Bacteriology 181 (6) 1820-1826 (1999)

  11. Manting, E.H., Kaufmann, A., van der Does, C. & Driessen, A.J.M. A single amino acid substitution in SecY stabilizes the interaction with SecA. Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 (34) 23868-23874 (1999)

  12. Moll, G.N., Konings, W.N. & Driessen, A.J.M. Bacteriocins: mechanism of membrane insertion and pore formation. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek International Journal of General and Molecular Microbiology 76 (1) 185-198 (1999)

  13. Moll, G.N., van den Akker, E., Hauge, H.H., Nissen-Meyer, J., Nes, I.F., Konings, W.N. & Driessen, A.J.M. Complementary and overlapping selectivity of the two-peptide bacteriocins plantaricin EF and JK. Journal of Bacteriology 181 (16) 4848-4852 (1999)

  14. Scotti, P.A., Valent, Q.A., Manting, E.H., Urbanus, M.L., Driessen, A.J.M., Oudega, B. & Luirink, J. SecA is not required for signal recognition particle-mediated targeting and initial membrane insertion of a nascent inner membrane protein. Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 (42) 29883-29888 (1999)

  15. Swaving, J., van Wely, K.H.M. & Driessen, A.J.M. Preprotein translocation by a hybrid translocase composed of Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis subunits. Journal of Bacteriology 181 (22) 7021-7027 (1999)

  16. van de Kamp, M., Driessen, A.J.M. & Konings, W.N. Compartmentalization and transport in beta-lactam antibiotic biosynthesis by filamentous fungi. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek International Journal of General and Molecular Microbiology 75 (1-2) 41-78 (1999)

  17. van de Kamp, M., Pizzinini, E., Vos, A., van der Lende, T.R., Schuurs, T.A., Newbert, R.W., Turner, G., Konings, W.N. & Driessen, A.J.M. Sulfate transport in Penicillium chrysogenum: Cloning and characterization of the sutA and sutB genes. Journal of Bacteriology 181 (23) 7228-7234 (1999)

  18. van Wely, K.H.M., Swaving, J., Broekhuizen, C.P., Rose, M., Quax, W.J. & Driessen, A.J.M. Functional identification of the product of the Bacillus subtilis yvaL gene as a SecG homologue. Journal of Bacteriology 181 (6) 1786-1792 (1999)

  19. Vossenberg, J.L.C.M.v.d., Driessen, A.J.M., da Costa, M.S. & Konings, W.N. Homeostasis of the membrane proton permeability in Bacillus subtilis grown at different temperatures. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes 1419 (1) 97-104 (1999)

  20. Vossenberg, J.L.C.M.v.d., Driessen, A.J.M., Grant, W.D. & Konings, W.N. Lipid membranes from halophilic and alkali-halophilic Archaea have a low H+ and Na+ permeability at high salt concentration. Extremophiles 3 (4) 253-257 (1999)

  21. Vossenberg, J.L.C.M.v.d., Driessen, A.J.M. & Konings, W.N. Survival in the shelter of membranes. Recherche (317) 54-56 (1999)

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