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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 1998

Surface Science
  1. Alders, D., Tjeng, L.H., Voogt, F.C., Hibma, T., Sawatzky, G.A., Chen, C.T., Vogel, J., Sacchi, M. & Iacobucci, S. Temperature and thickness dependence of magnetic moments in NiO epitaxial films. Physical Review B 57 (18) 11623-11631 (1998)

  2. Babushkina, N.A., Belova, L.M., Ozhogin, V.I., Gorbenko, O.Y., Kaul, A.R., Bosak, A.A., Khomskii, D.I. & Kugel, K.I. Metal-insulator transition induced by O-16-O-18 oxygen isotope exchange in colossal negative magnetoresistance manganites. Journal of Applied Physics 83 (11) 7369-7371 (1998)

  3. Bansil, A., Sawatzky, G.A., Fujii, Y., Shelton, R. & Prosser, D. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 40th Anniversary - Preface. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 59 (4) III-IIV (1998)

  4. Brookes, N.B., Sinkovic, B., Tjeng, L.H., Goedkoop, J.B., Hesper, R., Pellegrin, E., de Groot, F.M.F., Altieri, S., Hulbert, S.L., Shekel, E. & Sawatzky, G.A. Study of magnetism using circularly polarized soft X-rays. Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 92 (1-3) 11-18 (1998)

  5. Caliebe, W.A., Kao, C.C., Hastings, J.B., Taguchi, M., Uozumi, T. & de Groot, F.M.F. 1s2p resonant inelastic x-ray scattering in alpha-Fe2O3. Physical Review B 58 (20) 13452-13458 (1998)

  6. de Groot, F.M.F. Hidden states and new peaks in resonant X-ray emission and resonant photoemission. Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 92 (1-3) 207-211 (1998)

  7. de Groot, F.M.F., Kuiper, P. & Sawatzky, G.A. Local spin-flip spectral distribution obtained by resonant x- ray Raman scattering. Physical Review B 57 (23) 14584-14587 (1998)

  8. Eder, R., Rogojanu, O.C. & Sawatzky, G.A. Many-body band structure and Fermi surface of the Kondo lattice. Physical Review B 58 (12) 7599-7611 (1998)

  9. Ezhov, S.Y., Anisimov, V.I., Pen, H.F., Khomskii, D.I. & Sawatzky, G.A. Orbital polarization in LiVO2 and NaTiO2. Europhysics Letters 44 (4) 491-497 (1998)

  10. Hoogenboom, B.W., Hesper, R., Tjeng, L.H. & Sawatzky, G.A. Charge transfer and doping-dependent hybridization of C-60 on noble metals. Physical Review B 57 (19) 11939-11942 (1998)

  11. Hu, Z., Kaindl, G., Warda, S.A., Reinen, D., de Groot, F.M.F. & Muller, B.G. On the electronic structure of Cu(III) and Ni(III) in La2Li1/2Cu1/2O4, Nd2Li1/2Ni1/2O4, and Cs2KCuF6. Chemical Physics 232 (1-2) 63-74 (1998)

  12. Hu, Z., Mazumdar, C., Kaindl, G., de Groot, F.M.F., Warda, S.A. & Reinen, D. Valence electron distribution in La2Li1/2Cu1/2O4, Nd2Li1/2Ni1/2O4, and La2Li1/2Co1/2O4. Chemical Physics Letters 297 (3-4) 321-328 (1998)

  13. Khomskii, D.I., Millis, A.J., Cooper, J.R., Rzchoswki, M. & Gehring, G.A. Colossal magnetoresistance manganites: a laboratory for electron-phonon physics - Discussion. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series A-Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences 356 (1742) 1478-1480 (1998)

  14. Khomskii, D.I., Millis, A.J., Long, M.W., Venkatesan, T. & Paul, D.M. Orbital ordering and strong correlations in manganites - Discussion. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series A-Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences 356 (1742) 1515-1517 (1998)

  15. Knauf, N., Fischer, J., Schmidt, P., Roden, B., Borowski, R., Buchner, B., Micklitz, H., Freimuth, A., Khomskii, D.I. & Kataev, V. Grain size dependence of the Wohlleben effect in Bi-2212 high temperature superconductors. Physica C 299 (1-2) 125-135 (1998)

  16. Korotin, M.A., Anisimov, V.I., Khomskii, D.I. & Sawatzky, G.A. CrO2: A self-doped double exchange ferromagnet. Physical Review Letters 80 (19) 4305-4308 (1998)

  17. Kuiper, P., Guo, J.H., Sathe, C., Duda, L.C., Nordgren, J., Pothuizen, J.J.M., de Groot, F.M.F. & Sawatzky, G.A. Resonant X-ray Raman spectra of Cu dd excitations in Sr2CUO2Cl2. Physical Review Letters 80 (23) 5204-5207 (1998)

  18. Kusmartsev, F.V., Faruque, D.M. & Khomskii, D.I. Quasiclassical method for Josephson network in magnetic field. Physics Letters A 249 (5-6) 541-554 (1998)

  19. Pati, S.K., Singh, R.R.P. & Khomskii, D.I. Alternating spin and orbital dimerization and spin-gap formation in coupled spin-orbital systems. Physical Review Letters 81 (24) 5406-5409 (1998)

  20. Ren, Y., Palstra, T.T.M., Khomskii, D.I., Pellegrin, E., Nugroho, A.A., Menovsky, A.A. & Sawatzky, G.A. Temperature-induced magnetization reversal in a YVO3 single crystal. Nature 396 (6710) 441-444 (1998)

  21. Tjeng, L.H., de Groot, F.M.F., Sawatzky, G.A., Sinkovic, B., Brookes, N.B., Goedkoop, J.B., Hesper, R., Altieri, S., Pellegrin, E. & Hulbert, S.L. Comment on "Local electronic and magnetic structure of Ni below and above T-c: A spin-resolved circularly polarized resonant photoemission study" - Tjeng et al. reply. Physical Review Letters 81 (3) 734 (1998)

  22. van den Brink, J., Stekelenburg, W., Khomskii, D.I., Sawatzky, G.A. & Kugel, K.I. Elementary excitations in the coupled spin-orbital model. Physical Review B 58 (16) 10276-10282 (1998)

  23. van den Brink, J., Gunnarsson, O. & Eyert, V. Optical conductivity in A(3)C(60) (A = K, Rb). Physical Review B 57 (4) 2163-2167 (1998)

  24. van den Brink, J. & Sushkov, O.P. Single-hole Green's functions in insulating copper oxides at nonzero temperature. Physical Review B 57 (6) 3518-3524 (1998)

  25. Vasil'ev, A.N., Pryadun, V.V., Khomskii, D.I., Dhalenne, G., Revcolevschi, A., Isobe, M. & Ueda, Y. Anomalous thermal conductivity of NaV2O5 as compared to conventional spin-Peierls system CuGeO3. Physical Review Letters 81 (9) 1949-1952 (1998)

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