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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Other publications of 1996

Optical Condensed Matter Physics
  1. Feenstra,B.J., Klaassen,F.C., van der Marel,D., Barber,Z., Perez Pinaya,R. & Decroux,M. Characterization of superconducting thin films using mm-wave transmission. SPIE Proceedings. 2842, 480-488. 1996. Denver, CO.

  2. Godlewski,M., Galazka,R.R., Monemar,B., Gregorkiewicz,T., Ammerlaan,C.A.J., van Loosdrecht,P.H.M., Wittlin,A. & Perenboom,J.A.A.J. Optically studied spin relaxation processes in CdMnTe. Scheffler, M. and Zimmermann, R. The physics of semiconductors. 393-396. 1996. Singapore, World Scientific.

  3. van der Marel,D., Somal,H.S., Feenstra,B.J., van der Eb,J.E., Schutzmann,J. & Kim,J.H. Electrodynamical properties of high Tc superconductors studied with angle-resolved infrared spectroscopy. Proceedings Tenth Anniversary HTS workshop on physics, materials and applications. 357-370. 1996. Houston, TX, World Scientific Publishers.

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