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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)

Refereed academic publications of 1995

Theory of Condensed Matter
  1. Knoester, J. Collective nonlinear-optical properties of disordered J-aggregates. Advanced Materials 7 (5) 500-502 (1995)

  2. Knoester, J. & Spano, F.C. Unusual behavior of 2-photon absorption from 3-level molecules in a one-dimensional lattice. Physical Review Letters 74 (14) 2780-2783 (1995)

  3. Nijhof, J.H.B., Ferwerda, H.A. & Hoenders, B.J. Derivation of the equation for an ultrashort pulse in a fibre. Pure and Applied Optics 4 199-218 (1995)

  4. Rinzema, K., Hoenders, B.J., Ferwerda, H.A. & ten Bosch, J.J. Analytic calculation of the radiance in an anisotropically scattering turbid medium close to a source. Pure and Applied Optics 4 629-642 (1995)

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