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Thermal & non-linear effects

Electronic spin transport in graphene transistors has been an active topic of research in our group. Using a graphene-based spin-valve device we can probe spin diffusion and precession through this single layer of carbon atoms (see [1] for a review). Another line of research involves more conventional metallic spin-valve structures, which reveal a myriad of quite unconventional (and often ignored) thermoelectric effects. We build upon the existing work mentioned above in order to expand our understanding of graphene nanodevices.

In this research line we focus on studying thermal and non-linear electronic effects in graphene devices. Besides charge and spin transport, the superior heat transport [2] and thermoelectric properties [3] of graphene point towards rich physics that is yet to be addressed on the experimental front. One example of the latter is the interplay of spin and thermal effects, or spin caloritronics, in graphene. Along these lines, we have recently studied a relationship between spintronics and thermoelectrics which results in novel non-linear phenomena [4, 5]. For the general public there is also a news article.

Analogy between thermal and spin transport used to describe non-linear phenomena
Analogy between thermal and spin transport used to describe non-linear phenomena

Students looking for a master project are welcome to join. We offer training with a good mix of cleanroom processing, electronic measurements, physical modeling and numerical simulation. If you are interested on this topic please contact  Ivan Vera-Marun.


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