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Graphene @ Physics of Nanodevices
Graphene is a one atom thick layer of graphite in which the carbon atoms are disposed in a honeycomb structure with two non-equivalent atoms. This 2D crystal has attracted enormous interest because of it's exquisite properties.
band structure of graphene
band structure of graphene

The specific band structure of graphene, image on the right,

with its unique valley structure and Dirac neutrality point separating hole states from electron states, has led to the observation of new electronic transport phenomena such as anomalously quantized Hall effects, absence of weak localization and the existence of a minimum conductivity.

Our group is mainly focused on spin and charge transport in graphene. The research topics with a short introduction and the involved researchers can be found in the menu on the left.

The graphene team is:

Prof. Dr. ir. Bart J. van Wees (Group leader)

Dr. ir. Nikolaos Tombros (Post-doc)

Dr. Ivan J. Vera-Marun (Post-doc)

Dr. ir. Eek Huisman (Post-doc)

Dr. Juliana C. Brant (Post-doc)

Paul J. Zomer (PhD)

Magdalena Wojtaszek (PhD)

Marcos H. D. Guimarães (PhD)

Jasper van den Berg (PhD)

Siddhartha Omar (PhD)

Mallik Gurram (PhD)

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