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Wednesday meetings

Season 2017-2018. These new six groups will start from November, 2016:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
Juan Mallik Alexey Madhu Arijit Ludo
Christian Kumar Jing Tom Jorge
Xu Geert Lei Julian Talieh Crystal
Tian Ping Carmem Arjan Frank Siddharta
Freddie Frits Bart Z. Xiangyang Anouk


Science Groups Date Room Chair
Science 5+Org/Tech 9/19/2018 5118.-152 Bart
Science 6 9/26/2018 5113.0201 Tamalika
Science 1+Org/Tech 10/3/2018 5113.0201 Jorge
Science 2 10/10/2018 5113.0201 Julian
Science 3+Org/Tech 10/17/2018 5113.0201 Bart
Science 4 10/24/2018 5113.0201 Tamalica
Science 5+Org/Tech 10/31/2018 5113.0201 Jorge
Science 6 11/7/2018 5113.0201 Julian
Science 1+Org/Tech 11/14/2018 5113.0201 Bart
Science 2 11/21/2018 5113.0201 Tamalika
Science 3+Org/Tech 11/28/2018 5113.0201 Jorge
Science 4 12/5/2018 5113.0201 Julian
Science 5+Org/Tech 12/12/2018 5113.0201 Bart
Science 6 12/19/2018 5113.0201 Tamalika
Science 1+Org/Tech 12/26/2018 5113.0201 Jorge
Science 2 1/2/2019 5113.0201


Science 3+Org/Tech 1/9/2019 5113.0201 Bart
Science 4 1/16/2019 5113.0201 Tamalika
VELDHOVEN 1/23/2019 -- --
Science 5+Org/Tech 1/30/2019 5113.0201 Jorge
Science 6 2/6/2019 5113.0201 Julian

Wednesday meeting format

The presentations by the group members will be based on 1 or (at most!) 2 computer slides that are projected with the beamer.

In addition to discussion on scientific results the topics that can also be addressed are 'new prepared samples', 'a new analysis technique/step', 'things which did not work out', 'new experimental/modelling results', 'something people should be aware of during preparation/measurements/analysis', 'some solved problem', 'a new idea for a project/experiment', 'an introduction into a topic' or anything else which should be communicated and shared with the group.

The slides should be e-mailed to Tamalika or to someone else replacing her if she is not present before Tuesday 17:30, the day before.

The Science and Technical talks are divided into 6 groups of ~ 4-5 speakers in each group. Every second meeting is preceded by a technical meeting of ~ 15 min.

Present your slides in at most 6 minutes and 2 minutes for discussion. It should all be very informal, you will be interrupted. If the discussion needs more time, then continue it with the involved sub-group some time after the meeting.

All group members participate on this schedule, except the technicians. Bart, Tamalika and Timo will chair and participate some but not all weeks.

Some people work very close together on a topic. If you are scheduled to present on the same meeting, coordinate the contents, and make sure you can both give a good individual presentation.

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