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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Physics of nanodevices Group talks

Tuesday group talks

Group talks are weekly, Tuesday afternoon at 16:00 hrs (unless noted otherwise). The talk should last 30 minutes, followed by up to 15 minutes of discussion.

SESSION 2017-2018
Speaker Date Room
Carmem 25-09-2018
Jing 02-10-2018
Kumar 09-10-2018
Tom 23-10-2018
Madhu 06-11-2018
Jorge 13-11-2018
Geert 20-11-2018
Tian 04-12-2018
Alexey 11-12-2018
BREAK 18-12-2018
BREAK 25-12-2018
BREAK 01-01-2019
MMM-INTERMAG 15-01-2019
Xu 29-01-2019
MMM2018 05-02-2019
Eileen 12-02-2019
Denis 19-02-2019
Xiangyang 26-02-2019
APS MARCH 05-03-2019
Danny 12-03-2019
Martijn 19-03-2019
Patrick 26-03-2019
Frank 02-04-2019
Talieh 09-04-2019
Obed 16-04-2019
Jan 23-04-2019
Sid 28-05-2019
-- 04-06-2019
Carmem 11-06-2019


  • The speaker must make sure the equipment is present and working in time (laptop, beamer).
  • If you cannot comply with your scheduled talk then you are responsible for finding somebody to exchange with. Inform the person responsible at least a week before.
  • Do not forget to upload your group talk to the website archive.
  • Master students usually give a talk halfway during their projects, prior to their final presentation. It is up to the student and supervisor to decide on this matter and inform the person responsible.
  • In case of comments or questions regarding the schedule contact the person responsible for the group talk schedule (currently Obed Alves).
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