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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)FYSND

PMW32 Resist Spinner

 Turn on the main switch of the wet bench:

  1. Press power on at the PMW32 controller.
  2. Press RECIPE and select a number (1-9).

To clear a recipe, only in ready state, press RECIPE then clear, then number recipe:

  1. Press STEP, press 1.
  2. Press SPEED/RAMP twice, set acceleration 20000 rpm/sec. press on/enter.
  3. Press SPEED/RAMP, set speed value, press on/enter.
  4. Press STEP TERMINATE, set time value, press on/enter.
  5. Return to ready by pressing STEP key and press 0.

The START/ABORT switch is a footswitch , the green circle is the START switch, the red circle the ABORT switch.

If a process is aborted, the START switch becomes a RESET switch, to return to READY.

When entering numbers, the key OFF/CLEAR act as a backspace key to allow corrections.

Last modified:09 July 2015 10.59 a.m.