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Lecture Francesco Banfi


28 June 2010 FWN-Building 51150017, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG, Groningen
Speaker:Dr. Francesco Banfi
Affiliation:Dipartimento Metematica e Fisica - Universita Cattoloca - Brescia, Italy
Title:Probing metals and metal-based nanostructures with short laser pulses
Date:Mon Jun 28, 2010
Location:FWN-Building 51150017
Host:P.H.M. van Loosdrecht
Telephone:+31 50 363 8149


The interaction of short laser pulses with metal targets allow probing the out-of-equilibrium electron dynamics in metals, the relevant time scale for electron thermalization processes being on the sub-ps time scale [1]. In this frame, non-linear photoemission is an ideal tool allowing to access the out-ofequilibrium electronic distribution occurring within the laser pulse duration [1, 2]. In the first part of the talk diverse aspects of this physics will be discussed ranging from hot-electrons distribution, its interaction with Image Potential States and Above Threshold Photoemission in solids. Short laser pulses allow studying thermo-mechanical transients in metal-based nanosystems, the relevant time scale ranging from picoseconds to nanoseconds [3]. In the second part of the talk it will be shown how time-resolved optics can be exploited to access the thermal and mechanical relaxation of nanostructures to the substrate. Applications in the field of hypersonic phononic crystals will be addressed. [1] W. Fann, R. Storz, H. Tom, J. Bokor, Phys. Rev. B 46, 13592 (1992). [2] G. Ferrini, F. Banfi, C. Giannetti and F. Parmigiani, 601, 123, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A, (2009). [3] F. Banfi, C. G. Ferrini, G. Galimberti, S. Pagliara, D. Fausti, F. Parmigiani, Phys. 94, 037601 (2005). [4] C. Giannetti, F. Banfi, D. Nardi, G. Ferrini, and F. Parmigiani, IEEE Photonics Journal 1, 21 (2009)
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