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Lecture Oana D. Jurchescu


21 January 2008 FWN-Building 5118.-156, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG, Groningen
Speaker: Dr. Oana D. Jurchescu
Affiliation: National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersberg, USA and Penn State University, USA
Title: Connecting molecular design with processing for simplicity and performance
Date: Mon Jan 21, 2008
Start: 11.00
Location: FWN-Building 5118.-156
Host: T.T.M. Palstra
Telephone: +31 50 363 4419


Small molecule organic semiconductors are of scientific and technological interest due to their unique physical properties and high electronic mobilities that make them potential candidates for low-cost large-area electronic applications. Oligomers such as pentacene and rubrene are particularly attractive because they exhibit high mobility in the single crystal form, but they have poor solubility which is a serious limitation for their use in cost-effective applications. Different routes are proposed in chemically-tailoring the molecular structure to increase solubility and achieve ease of processing while maintaining or improving the device performance.

We report here on growth, structure and properties of single crystals and thin films of a soluble anthradithiophene: 2,8-difluoro-5,11-bis(triethylsilylethynyl) anthradithiophene (diF-TESADT).

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