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Lecture Katarin Kamaras


23 May 2006 FWN-Building 5118.-156, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG, Groningen
Speaker:Prof. Dr. Katarin Kamaras
Affiliation:Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Title:Vibrational spectroscopy on the fullerene rotor-stator compound C60-cubane
Date:Tue May 23, 2006
Location:FWN-Building 5118.-156
Host:Petra Rudolf
Telephone:+31 50 363 4736/4974 (secr)


The recently synthesized fullerene-cubane molecular crystals constitute rotor-stator systems, where the static cubane, C8H8, occupies the octahedral interstices of the face-centered-cubic structure and acts as a bearing between the rotating fullerene molecules. C60-C8H8 undergoes a structural phase transition at around 140 K, where the rotation of the fullerenes stops. This transition temperature is significantly lower than in any other fullerene derivative. Above 400 K, a chemical reaction occurs between the constituents. Vibrational spectroscopy is ideally suited to follow these processes and determine the changes at the molecular level. I will present temperature- and pressure-dependent infrared and Raman spectra of this exciting new family of compounds.
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