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Lecture S. Miyashita


24 April 2006 FWN-Building 5113.0201, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG, Groningen
Speaker:Prof. S. Miyashita
Affiliation:Department of Physics, University of Tokio
Title:Dynamical properties of one-dimensional Ising-like ferromagnetic quantum magnets
Date:Mon Apr 24, 2006
Location:FWN-Building 5113.0201
Host:H.A. De Raedt
Telephone:+31 50 363 4852


Recently various materials which are regarded as one-dimensional Ising chains have been synthesized and the nature of the phase transition attracts interests. We will discuss on the quantum phase transition of the transverse Ising model and its dynamical properties. In particular we will discuss time-dependence of magnetization under the sweeping magnetic field, where we found a kind of collective motion of magnetization which can be understood as a quantum version of the spinodal decomposition phenomena. We also discuss the effect of the size of spin "S" on the phase transition and also on the dynamics.
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