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Lecture S. Kirstein


18 January 2005 FWN-Building 5114.0004, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG, Groningen
Speaker:Dr. S. Kirstein
Affiliation:Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
Title:Structural and optical properties of tubular J-aggregates
Date:Tue Jan 18, 2005
Location:FWN-Building 5114.0004
Host:P.H.M. van Loosdrecht / A. Pugzlys
Telephone:+31 50 363 8149 / 4922


It was shown by a series of publications that water soluble amphiphilic carbocyanines are able to form tubular J-aggregates in aqueous solutions. The structural details of the tubules, such as the mean diameter, depend on small details of the chemical structure of the dyes. A review is presented about the typical structures as revealed by cryogenic transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM). It is found that all tubular aggregates show the typical features of J-aggregates, i. a narrow red-shifted band in the optical absorption spectrum. This band is due to exciton delocalization and hence indicates the ability of energy migration. However, the spectra show more than one excitonic transition and are rather complex. We will show how these bands systematically depend on the detailed structure of the tubules.
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