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Lecture Oleg Misochko


04 December 2003 FWN-Building 5113.0201, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG, Groningen
Speaker:Prof. Oleg Misochko
Affiliation:Russian Academy of Science, Institute of Solid State Physics
Title:Quantum aspects of coherent lattice dynamics
Date:Thu Dec 4, 2003
Location:FWN-Building 5113.0201
Host:P.H.M. van Loosdrecht
Telephone:+31 50 363 8149 / 4974 (secr.)


In this talk I will consider some of the properties of coherent phonons that cannot be understood within classical dynamics based on the Newtonian equations for a single oscillator and the Boltzmann statistics for an ensemble of the oscillators. I will show that the coherent phonons in semimetals created by ultrafast laser pulses quite often exhibit properties without classical analogues. Typical examples of these non-classical states are squeezed, entangled and Bose-condensed states. Signature of squeezed phonon state is an elliptical uncertainty contour, whereas the similarities to Bose-condensate state, realized in high-fluence, low-temperature experiment, include the degenerate macroscopically occupied phonon state, the emergence, above critical laser fluence, of collapse and revival, and the spectrum renormalization.

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