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Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials Colloquium Virgil Percec


10 January 2008 FWN-Building 5111.0080, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG, Groningen
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Virgil Percec
Affiliation: Roy & Diana Vagelos Laboratories, Department of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Title: Bio-Inspired Synthesis of Functional Nanosystems
Date: Thu Jan 10, 2008
Start: 16.00 (Doors open and coffee available at 15.30)
Location: FWN-Building 5111.0080


Our laboratory is involved in the use of biological systems as models for the elaboration of new concepts at the interface between macromolecular, supramolecular and biological sciences. These concepts are subsequently used in the design of functional complex nanosystems by following strategies and principles encountered in biological systems (Science 1997, 278, 449-452; Nature 1998, 391, 161-164; Nature 2002, 419, 384-387; Science 2003, 299, 1208-1211; Nature 2004, 428, 157-160; Nature 2004, 430, 764-768; PNAS 2006, 103, 2518-2523; JACS, 2007, 129, 5992-6002; JACS 2007, 129, 11698-11699). This lecture will first introduce the concept of “bio-inspired synthesis.” Subsequently, this concept will be used in the elaboration of helical porous supramolecular and macromolecular structures as mimics of helical porous transmembrane proteins particularly of Aquaporin mimics and in the reconstruction of the cell membrane together with its fundamental transport functions. Additional biological systems will be used as models to assemble molecular machines and nanosystems with high charge carrier mobility. The design of complex soft matter that displays the most primitive sign of intelligence such as memory effect will also be discussed.

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