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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Macromolecular Chemistry and New Polymeric Materials Loos Group

Jin Xu

Auteur:M. ter Wal
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Thin films of nanocomposites based on block copolymer templates

Fabrication of composites is of great interest given the possibility of incorporating different properties in one material. Since the physical properties of nano-sized or nano-ordered materials can be remarkably different from those of their corresponding ‘bulk’ state, combining two or more materials in nanoscale opens up new dimensions for novel functional materials. The performance of nanocomposites can be tailored by manipulating the size, type and structure of the components. Successful examples include magnetoelectric nanocomposites, clay/polymer nanocomposites with high mechanical strength, and flexible metal/polymer conductors.

Block copolymers are promising candidates as precursors for such nanocomposites, because they can microphase separate into ordered structures with domains in nanoscale. By altering the molecular weight and the block composition, one can easily regulate the resulting microstructures with respect to domain size and morphology.

Our work emphasize on the fabrication of the nanocomposites in the form of thin films, and their applications in simple devices. Via careful control of the casting solvent, film thickness and the conditions of the subsequent solvent vapor annealing, we fabricate block copolymer thin films with desired nanostructures. Using such thin films as templates, we can transfer the nanostructures to the nanocomposites by introducing the desired components selectively into different polymer blocks.

picture research Jin Xu

Block copolymer thin films with vertical cylinder structure have been fabricated, and the incorporation of ferromagnetic ceramic component is being studied.

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