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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Macromolecular Chemistry and New Polymeric Materials Loos Group

Azis Adharis

Auteur:M. ter Wal
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Phone +31 503634522
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Enzymatic Polymerization of Glycopolymers from Saccharide-acrylate Monomers

Glycopolymers are synthetic polymers with pendant carbohydrate moieties. These polymers have been studied intensively to understand molecular recognition processes and biomedical applications. Glycopolymers can be synthesized via chemical approaches such as free and controlled radical polymerization of sugar-containing monomers. Moreover, enzyme-initiated free and controlled radical polymerizations have been reported. Therefore, we develop in this research project an environmental friendly route towards the synthesis of glycopolymers via enzymatic polymerization of saccharide-acrylate monomers.

Biocatalytic synthetic pathways are very attractive as they have many advantages such as mild reaction conditions, high enantio-, regio-, chemoselectivity and the use of enzymes as nontoxic natural catalysts. In previous research in our group, various anomerically pure mono-, di- and oligosaccharide-acrylate monomers have been synthesized enzymatically using β-glucosidase, amylase and cellulase, respectively.

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