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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Macromolecular Chemistry and New Polymeric Materials Loos Group

Albert Woortman



a.j.j.woortman at


+31 503632150

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Structure and functionality of carbohydrates

  • Thermal characterization of starch products with DSC
  • Rheology of starch systems with low solids content
  • Molecular weight and structure of exo poly saccharide’s
  • Light microscopy and image analysis on multi component systems ·
  • Surface reactions and retrogradation effects with FT-IR
  • Studies on chemical and enzymatic “peeled” starches
  • Flow behavior of powders with a triaxial cell
  • Separation of starch into amylose and amylopectin
  • Research on extruded and foamed starch products
  • Orientation in the field of Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Setting up small model systems to study effects of process variations

Current issues

  • Inclusion Complexes with Amylose
  • Influence of amylose inclusion complexation on the gelation, functional properties and enzymatic degradation of diluted wheat starch suspension
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