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Resilience and self-defence training

From:Fr 11-03-2022
Until:Fr 22-04-2022

Thanks to generous funding by the Young Academic Groningen, we are offering FREE training in ‘resilience and self-defence’ for 60 staff members.

We offer four options to sign up for (15 persons per group):

  • Block 1: Friday 11 March AND Friday 25 March, 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. (female-only group)
  • Block 2: Friday 11 March AND Friday 25 March, 10.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. (female-only group)
  • Block3: Friday 8 April AND Friday 22 April, 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. (male-only group)
  • Block 4: Friday 8 April AND Friday 22 April, 10.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. (female-only group)

 Please make sure you sign up for the correct group.

PLEASE NOTE: Groups are organized along the lines of self-identified gender.

In order to organize the training, we draw on Habib’s extensive experience. For that reason, groups have been organized along the lines of self-identified gender. This is to best facilitate drawing on first-hand experiences in a safe environment.

We do realise this is an imperfect system. If you feel this way of organizing the training makes it difficult for you to join, please contact me so we can explore the possibility of additional groups, for example. Email:

What is the training about?

This training focusses on mental and physical resilience. The training will be grounded in obstacles that can occur in everyday life. Participants will use martial arts exercises to discover and help increase self-confidence.

Throughout two 1-hour sessions, in small groups of max 15 persons, participants are introduced to:

  • How to develop awareness of yourself and your surroundings
  • How to use (verbal) de-escalation techniques
  • How to distance yourself from a potentially dangerous situation
  • How to use basic techniques to defend yourself in the case of a physical confrontation

The location for all training sessions is the ‘Kazemi Taekwondo Academy’  at the Radiumstraat 150 in Vinkhuizen (15 min by bike or bus from Groningen City Centre).

What participants from previous training sessions said

Participants who already took this training experienced it as ‘great mental and physical training’, and ‘mentally demanding but empowering’, being a mix between self-reflexive exercises, positive and encouraging feedback by the trainer and physical self-defence. These persons said:

“I appreciated the most that is was not only physical self defence but a lot of focus on the mental aspect and what you could take out of it. Also, I loved that the sessions adapted to the wishes/needs of participants.”

“Habib and his way of teaching, trying something then talking about it and trying it again afterwards is really eyeopening”

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Image from a training at Kazemi Taekwondo Academy

About Habib Kazemi

Originally from Afghanistan, Habib has lived in the Netherlands since 2002. Since then, he has become a teacher at the Alpha College, founded his own TaeKwonDo academy, coached the Dutch national Taekwondo team and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Sports Studies.

His personal life story as former refugee is woven throughout his training by way of providing first-hand examples and experience, as well as inspiration. He has a passion for coaching youths to make a positive change, starting with their own mindset.

Throughout the past decade, Habib has been invited as motivational speaker as well as  provided coaching and resilience/ self-defence training to students and colleagues at Alpha College, various secondary schools, professional healthcare organizations, the Hanze University and UMCG.

More information about Habib and the Taekwondo Academy (KTA)

Habib will be assisted by Bettina and Olaf van Hoven.

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Habib Kazemi