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ResearchYoung Academy Groningen

Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap: Can dancing synchronize brains?

When:Sa 08-06-2019
Where:City Centre, Groningen
A team led by YAG-member Marieke van Vugt, and involving interdisciplinary YAG PhD student Lionel Newman, Random Collision dance company director Kirsten Krans, neuroscience postdoc Debarati Banerjee, YAG-member Susanne Täuber, are investigating how the synchrony between the brains of two individuals is involved in human connection. To address this question, the team uses a very unique method: examining how connection between humans can be driven by joint movement and dance. The scientists have been investigating this together with two professional dancers in a tour through the Netherlands, in a performance called Notes on Synchrony. During the Night of Arts and Sciences, we will demonstrate the laboratory experiment that was developed on the basis of the performances with the dancers. Audience members can also see footage from the shows, interact with scientists and see live brain waves being recorded.

The Synchrony Project
The Synchrony Project