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Yearly Project

2017: Opening Up Academia

The yearly project from the year group 2017 focuses on “Opening up Academia”. In our project, we will explore ways in which we can improve communication and foster collaboration among researchers, between academia and industry, and between academia and society.

A first way in which we hope to “open up academia” is by focusing on how researchers can be more transparent in their workings to improve reproducibility. This also includes finding ways to increase viewpoint diversity within the academic world.

A second way to “open up academia” is to focus on the communication between academia and the industry. How can businesses and scientists mutually benefit each other, and what are the tools needed to make such partnerships fruitful?

A third way to “open up academia” is to showcase the entire scientific process to the general public by means of exhibitions, visual arts, dance, and theater. These will showcase that the scientific process includes many failures that precede success, and that creativity is always a driving force

Opening Up Science
Opening Up Science

2016: Talent Development

The yearly project from the year group 2017 focuses on "Talent Development". In this project, the YAG will organise a series of lunches for Early Career Researchers. We will invite inspiring speakers and have open discussions with those present.

The goal of these lunches is to form a basis to build up our peer network together and to improve the quality of science in the long term for all Early Career Researchers and the University of Groningen.

Find out more here.

Early Career Research Lunch
Early Career Research Lunch
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