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Kamerlingh Onnes Colloquium: Kasper Duivenvoorden, Insitute for Theoretical Physics, University of Köln, Germany: Magneto Electric Coupling and Domain walls in GdFe03


16 June 2011 FWN-Building 5111.0080, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG, Groningen
Speaker: Kamerlingh Onnes Colloquium: Kasper Duivenvoorden
Affiliation: Insitute for Theoretical Physics, University of Köln, Germany
Title: Magneto Electric Coupling and Domain walls in GdFe03
Date: 16-06-2011
Start: 16.00
Location: FWN-Building 5111.0080
Host: Erik van der Giessen


The recently found multiferroic material GdFeO3 shows a relatively large electric polarisation induced by the orderings of Fe and Gd spins, which can be flipped by magnetic field [1]. Furthermore, its weak ferromagnetic moment shows discontinuous jumps when the direction of an applied electric field is reversed. The possibility to control the electric polarisation by magnetic field and vice versa hinges on clamping of the ferromagnetic and ferroelectric domain walls. I formulate a model describing the dynamics of domain wall motion in GdFeO3. Moreover, I explain the observed magneto-electric effect using this model.

[1] Tokunaga et al, Nature Materials 8, 558 (2009)

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