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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute Research projects

Emergent leisure landscapes: transitions, adaptive capacity, and planning implications

Principal researcher

Stefan Hartman

Type of research



Prof.dr. Gert de Roo (promotor)

Dr. Constanza Parra


This project examines the planning implications of places undergoing a transition, becoming more leisure-oriented landscapes. This transition requires the attentions of planners along several lines. First, the transition is driven by a combination of forces, some of which are beyond the planners’ reach, and is therefore partly autonomous in nature. Due to the processes at various levels of scale, places are considered to be always in a state of becoming. To address this aspect, theories on complex adaptive systems are explored, highlighting the relevance of developing adaptive capacities. Second, the emergent land uses and activities and the associated conditions for development require alternative planning approaches. In this context, examine practices of stimulate spatial quality and practices of strategic storytelling, both aiming to foster the leisuring process of landscapes, to discuss the planning and governance issues involved.

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