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Irrigation water management in Northwestern China

Principal researcher

Jianjun Tang

Type of research



Prof.dr. Henk Folmer

Prof.dr. ir. Arno van der Vlist


Water scarcity in Northern China is an important resource problem with far reaching environmental impacts and threats to food security and socio-economic development. Optimal use of the limited water resources is not only important to farmers but to virtually all economic sectors, to households and to policy makers. Since agriculture consumes approximately 70% of the total water resources in Northern China and has low water use efficiency, insight is needed into farmers’ irrigation water use as a step towards conservation.

In 2011, a total number of 446 questionnaires were collected via a face-to-face interview with farmers in the Guanzhong Plain, China. The objective of the research is to investigate the impact of several policy handles, such as irrigation management reform, water pricing, development of water-saving technologies, and raise of farmers’ awareness of water scarcity, on farmers’ water use efficiency.
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