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Do people follow jobs or do jobs follow people? Micro-level analyses of mutual spatial adjustment by firms and their employees

Principal researcher

Gintare Morkute

Type of research



Prof. Dr. Jouke van Dijk (promoter)

Dr. Sierdjan Koster (daily supervisor)


Understanding the mechanisms of spatial growth in population and employment is an important aspect in explaining regional economic development. The issue has been collapsed into the question ‘do jobs follow people or do people follow jobs?’. Although headway has been made in answering this question, a micro-level underpinning is still wanting. This study, using a comprehensive micro-level employer-employee dataset for the Netherlands, assesses the mechanisms that govern the spatial adjustment of jobs and people. It does so from a firm perspective and assesses firm selection, hiring strategies and relocation of firms in relation to the location of their employees.

Last modified:21 December 2017 2.12 p.m.