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The role of arts practice and expression in building resilient communities in coastal areas. A case study of the Frisian Wadden Sea area

Principal researcher

Gwenda van der Vaart

Type of research



As many rural areas are facing population and economic decline, the withdrawal of resources, and a range of environmental challenges, working with them to gain resilience is vital. Community resilience describes a community’s ability to meet future challenges, to survive and to flourish in inter-connected social, economic and environmental terms despite risk and adversity. This research explores the role of arts practice and expression in enhancing the resilience of rural communities in coastal areas. The arts are seen as having several potentially positive impacts in relation to supporting the development of community resilience. The research consists of a case study in the community Lytse Bouhoeke, an area in the Frisian Wadden Sea area. It adopts a participatory approach and relies on art-based methods, in which local inhabitants are involved in the co-creation of data.

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