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Making Places in Old Age

Principal researcher

Debbie Lager

Type of research



Prof. Dr. P.P.P. Huigen

Dr. B. van Hoven

Dr. A.E. Brouwer


The aim of this study is to explore the mechanisms through which older adults (65+) relate to their neighbourhood. This in terms of the meanings they attribute to the neighbourhood and the ageing process, and their behaviour in relation to their neighbourhood. Particular focus lies upon the meaning of the social context and the role of materialities and how a sense of self is negotiated in relation to everyday life in the neighbourhood. The study is situated within the ‘geographies of ageing’ literature. Herein, the relation between person and place is seen as a relational achievement. Within ‘geographies of ageing’ particular attention is paid to the neighbourhood as a place of ageing. As ‘active ageing’ and ‘ageing in place’ policies promote self-reliance and independent living, the importance of the neighbourhood for older adults’ wellbeing and sense of belonging increases and makes it a timely issue to study.

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