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ResearchUrban and Regional Studies InstitutePopulation Research Centre

Socio-economic and cultural factors explaining women’s preference of abortion over contraception: the case of Macedonia

Principal researcher

Vera Dimitrievska

Type of research

PhD research


Professor Inge Hutter

Pieter Boele van Hensbroek

Summary of the project

Women who use abortion as a contraceptive method are a special group that requires more focused investigation. Interventions to reduce unintended pregnancies among such women generally provided pre- and post-abortion contraceptive counseling with little success. To develop effective interventions, one must understand the structural factors influencing such abortion-seeking behavior. This project will first undertake formative qualitative research to identify these factors. Using the findings, it will be made recommendations formultilevel intervention to reduce unintended pregnancy—and subsequent abortion—among this special population.

The key research questions are:

1. Which specific socio-economic groups that practice abortion?

2. What are the factors (internal??, external???, socio-economic, etc) that create an environment where women choose abortion over contraception? What are women’s own reasons to choose one of the two?

3. What are the associations between income, education, and ethnicity with abortion practice ?

4. Which policy actions have been taken to reduce abortions, what are their results, and what alternative policies could be proposed?

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