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ResearchUrban and Regional Studies InstitutePopulation Research Centre

Research focus

Senior staff, post-doc and PhD researchers: research connected

The PRC's research, that is, that of staff members, postdoctoral and PhD researchers, focuses on seven main themes:

  • Healthy Ageing in Society
  • Families, Households and Residence
  • Population Mortality and Health
  • Global Migration
  • Culture and Place
  • Culture and Health
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Population Change and Population Decline

A major characteristic and added value of PRC research is that the research of senior staff, postdoctoral and PhD researchers is interconnected, either through topic or country of research but more often through the theoretical background or application of either quantitative or qualitative research methods. Joint research programmes and projects are defined with national and international research institutes, thus creating broad networks of research exchange. Master students, PhD students and staff work closely together.

Research includes analysis of quantitative secondary data sets - such as census data, family and fertility surveys, and demographic and health surveys - and primary data collection through small-scale surveys and qualitative research methods. Current research is conducted throughout the Netherlands and Europe, as well as India, Malawi, Tanzania and Brasil.

In addition to conducting fundamental research and building upon the existing body of scientific knowledge, the PRC focuses on how research can be translated in either policy making or interventions.

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