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Our registration desk will be located at the Academy Building.

The registration desk is staffed at the following times:

Monday July 1st: 08.00 - 17.30

Until 13.00 registration will be located in the Bruinszaal, after that time, the registration desk will be merged with the service desk in the entrance hall of the Academy Building.

Tuesday July 2nd: from 8.00 at the service desk

Wednesday July 3rd: from 8.00 at the service desk


Please note that you will need your badges to enter all conference locations, including social events. Upon departure, please deposit your badge for re-using with the service desk. Thank you!

Service desk

The service desk is staffed throughout the day to help you with any queries you may have regarding the conference, the city or other aspects of your stay. The desk is located in the entrance hall of the Academy Building.

You can contact the university/ conference organisation at this address: Broerstraat 5 (Academy Building). The telephone number for this location (building attendants, or portier in Dutch) is +31- (0)50-363 5250.

Locations of various programme items

Sessions will be held at the Academy Building (AB) and the Harmony Building (HB). Please check the building and room number in the session overview in this programme and consult the map inside the front cover.

Please note that the academic year has not yet finished and there will be other events held in these locations as well.

Coffee/ tea breaks are located in the Academy Building (AB) for the sessions in the rooms Offerhauszaal, Zernikezaal, v.d.Leeuwzaal, Heymanszaal and A2, A3, A7, A8 and A12. On Monday and Tuesday, coffee and tea, and sweet or savoury snacks (depending on the time of day) will be served at the Bruinszaal with adjacent Academy Lounge and ICT 'plaza'. On Wednesday, coffee and tea breaks in the Academy building will be in the restaurant – which is located downstairs.

Coffee/ tea breaks are located in the Harmony Building (HB) for the sessions taking place in rooms 1312_0012, 1312_0018, 1312_0030 and 1314_0014. Coffee and tea, and sweet or savoury snacks (depending on the time of day) will be served at the Harmony Building's canteen.

Lunch is served at the Harmony Building canteen on all days and for all delegates (regardless of the session location).

The welcome reception (Monday July 1st) will be held at the Martini church.

The barbecue (Tuesday July 2nd) will be held at the Academy Building canteen.

The conference party (Wednesday July 3rd) will be held at Huize Maas.

The installation 'the Geography of Waiting' will be located at the University Museum.

Emotional Geographies of Groningen wil be located at the Academy Building, room A08.

Draw yourself as a building will be located near the service desk.


The emergency phone number in the Netherlands is '1-1-2'.

The closest hospital is the UMCG (University Medical Centre Groningen) at Hanzeplein 1. There is also a 24-hour pharmacy at Hanzeplein 122, across from the hospital.

For First Aid, you can contact the building receptions, or ask one of the student assistants to find help.

The university alarm number is '8-0-5-0' (to be dialed from an in-house phone). This number activates the university's first aid staff as well as alert ambulance, police or fire brigade.

If you require medical (non-emergency) help after business hours, e.g. at your hotel, we recommend you contact the 'doktersdienst' at '0900- 9229'. They will ask for your insurance details, so keep them at hand.

Please consult the maps for the various locations. The following link shows you all university buildings on a map of the city centre:

A map of the Academy building can be found here.

A map of the Harmony Building can be found here.

The file for the Harmony Building also includes the walking route between buildings.

Student assistants

There will be several students present to assist with various things. In every room, there will be a student to help you with technical issues, Skype or other queries. The registration and service desk are also staffed with students. You can recognise them by their red T-Shirts.

Marlous van der Veen and Paul Plazier are the students in charge of every day operations.

Marlous van der Veen
Marlous van der Veen
Paul Plazier
Paul Plazier
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