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Public Health

Today, people live longer and healthier than ever before. At the same time fertility has decreased. This ‘generational storm’ is by far the most important trend faced by governments around the world today. Only if population ageing is associated with a further increase in healthy years - allowing people to live independently - the generational storm will lead to better futures. To cope with this new challenge requires individuals to actively engage with their economic environment so as to become a co-creator of their own health status.

Researchers within the signature area Public Health study how individuals adapt their behavior to these new circumstances. Through collaborative research over a vast array of fields the signature area contribute to individuals’ ability to cope with the challenges of modern health and health care. Read more

In Focus

Vacancy PhD-student on Social Class and Health Inequalities at UMCG
Published on:04 June 2018

The section of Community and Occupational Medicine (COM) of the Department of Health Sciences, University Medical Center Groningen is offering a PhD-student scholarship on Social Class and Health Inequalities.

Upcoming visit Titus Galema
Published on:04 June 2018

Prof. Titus Galema (UCSC) will visit FEB in June 2018

Upcoming visit Hans van Kippersluis
Published on:04 June 2018

Prof. Hans van Kippersluis will visit FEB in June 2018.